Company news

  • 152017 Sep
    The development of the company in Latin America

    Dear investors and users of the web-site!In connection with the increased popularity of our investment program in Latin America, it was decided to increase further of technical capacities to provide Internet-traf...

  • 202017 Jul
    Great news for our partners. The situation in the markets (20/07/2017)

    Dear users of the web-site!It was decided to increase the presence of traders in this area for the period up to 7 trading sessions by the management of the company Forex Variation Limited in connection with the s...

  • 032017 Apr
    Investment rules for the company

    Dear investors!In a view of frequent requests of users of our investment program about the possibility for investment creation in several investment plans of the company at the same time, we decided to further in...

  • 272017 Jan
    Results of technical audit of the company's website

    Dear visitors of the web-site of the company Forex Variation Limited, and also investors of the company!We inform you that full scheduled inspection of all systems of the program, and also of the site database fo...

  • 152016 Nov
    Great news for our partners. The situation in the markets (11/15/2016)

    Dear investors!In response to the increase of assets prices of traded fiat pair AUD/JPY the additional emission of current assets to carry out an exchange business on this fiat group was decided by management of ...

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