Frequently Asked Questions

What is the activity area of the company?

Forex Variation Limited is a trading company that successfully generates profit by carrying out speculative Forex Trading, as well as making deals on commodity and world’s raw and stock exchanges.

How successful is the company's business?

Using unique software and technical methods of scalping and indicator analysis, Forex Variation Limited earns money steadily and confidently, skillfully generating sufficient financial flows for its own purposes, as well as for external, independent investors.

Is the business of the company legal?

Forex Variation Limited is a British company that performs all financial and commercial operations strictly in accordance with British law, relying on licenses and permits issued by the UK government supervisory authorities.

How long does the company work in Forex Trading?

Forex Variation Limited has over three years of offline experience, as well as more than a year of working with online investments. At the same time, the company's capital turnover grew by 15,000% over the four years in comparison with the initial stage of work.

Are there any risks when investing?

Investments always involve certain risks, since it is impossible to envisage or control all nuances and factors. Therefore, the risks always remain. But working with Forex Variation Limited, you will be sure that any even theoretically possible risks will be reduced to a minimum level.

How often can I receive payments in your company?

An investor can withdraw funds from his balance account on a daily basis. However, you should remember that accruals according all investment offers without exception are made on working days.

Do you have the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount that the system takes to process is $ 1.

How quickly will I receive money to my wallet after creation of a withdrawal request?

If the requested withdraw amount does not exceed $ 5, then money will be transferred to your wallet instantly. If the amount exceeds $ 5, then the request for payment of funds can be processed by the financial operator up to 24 hours.

We draw your attention: there is no limitation to the maximum allowable withdrawal amount in our program.

To which payment system can I receive accruals?

All payments are directly related to the electronic payment system through which the investor created a deposit in the program. This means that if the investor created a deposit using, for example, the Bitcoin electronic payment system, then all accruals under the terms of the chosen investment plan can be sent only through the Bitcoin electronic payment system.

I have created a withdrawal request more than 24 hours ago but still did not receive the funds to my wallet, why is it so?

The most common reason - the investor forgot to specify the payment details, according to which the system must make payment of money. Please, check the accuracy of the required payment details in your personal account. If everything is correct, contact the company immediately with the appropriate request. We will fix the situation as soon as possible. If you find out the lack of data on your payment details, or found an error in your payment details, send the appropriate request for correction of this data, as you cannot change your personal information or email address yourself.

How much can I earn by investing in a company?

Forex Variation Limited has developed several investment offers, the yield of which varies depending on the investment nominal value. Please, read the section "Investments" to learn more about our investment offers.

Can I invest in the several investment offers at the same time?

Yes, you can create any investment amount on any investment plan of the company.

Can I create one deposit using several (more than one) electronic payment systems for investment?

No, you can use only one payment system for each investment. And then each of your investments will separately bring you profit, but in the currency of different electronic payment systems.

What do I need to start the process of investing in the company?

To start a full-fledged cooperation with us, including availability of investing in our program, you need to go through a simple and fast registration procedure to get a personal account through which you can perform investment activities.

Can I register more than one personal account and use them to invest in the company?

Creation of several personal accounts by one user, or creation of several personal accounts using the same personal computer, IP address, EPS purse is prohibited. In case of non-compliance with this rule all personal accounts of such a user will be blocked. You can find more information in the section "User Agreement".

How can I create a personal account?

To register in our investment program and get a personal account simply click on signup link and follow the instructions of the system to complete the registration.

Why do I need to create a personal account?

Information on personal account functions is detailed in the section "How to get started?". We simply note that investment in our investment program is impossible without a personal account.

Is it safe to use a personal account?

All the systems of the company's website, as well as a personal account of the investor, are protected by the most modern methods of protection from the third parties on the Internet. You can find more information on this issue in the section "How to get started?", in the subsection "Personal and online security".

Can I delete my personal account?

You cannot delete your personal account due to technical limitations and the policy of Forex Variation Limited regarding the creation of multiple registrations.

Is it possible to unlock a previously blocked personal account?

This possibility will be considered by the Forex Variation Limited management in each individual case, but without guarantees of obtaining a positive result.

How much can I earn using partner solutions of the company?

Each investor automatically receives the Partner status "User" immediately after registration of the personal account. According to this status the investor will be able to actively earn on invitations of new participants of our investment program up to 6% in total from the deposits invested by the referrals of three levels in depth of his partner structure. You can learn more about other, more profitable and promising partner statuses by reading the "Partnership" section.

Can I receive partner reward without creating my own investment in the program?

Yes, you can. Immediately after registering a personal account, you will be able to take full advantage of the Partner status "User".

How can I invite new members to the company?

Use your unique affiliate link, which you can find in your personal account, to invite new members into our investment program and thus earn a partner reward. If any new user enter our site using this link and register a personal account, this investor will become your first level referral.

Is it possible to change an upline?

Yes, you can change your upline, but only if you have not made a deposit in the program. After you have already invested, you cannot change an upline.

Can I withdraw my partner reward to any convenient payment system?

No, you cannot. All payments of partner remuneration are correlated directly with the electronic payment system, which your referral used to create a deposit in the program. This means that if your referral of any level has created a deposit using, for example, the Bitcoin payment system, then you can get the partner reward for this deposit only through the Bitcoin electronic payment system.

What is the support service schedule?

Customer support works in 24/7 mode.

Can I complete the investment plan ahead of schedule?

Early completion is impossible according any investment plan.

Can I transfer my money to another investment plan?

The transfer of investor funds to another investment plan is impossible regardless any circumstances.

Which electronic payment systems does your company use for investment activities?

Investing is available when using such electronic payment systems as: Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash.

Does the company use the practice of charging commission fees or other (hidden) additional payments?

No, we do not. Cooperating with Forex Variation Limited, each investor can be absolutely sure that no additional, hidden or mandatory conditions, except those stated publicly, will be introduced by our company under any circumstances.

What kinds of customer support does your company have?

You can always get qualified help using the hotline (24/7 schedule), by contacting the online chat (24/7 schedule), and also using the feedback form (24/7 schedule). You can find all kinds of customer support in the "Contacts" section.

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