Investment plans summary

  • Scalping
  • Indicator trading
  • Scalping. Precise, effective and profitable strategy of intraday speculative trading when trade transactions are opened and closed by traders of the company in a fraction of a second via modern software.

    Indicator analysis. Use of high-productivity programs in commercial activities, that allow analyzing the trend of currency fluctuations on Forex almost instantly and these programs assess the situation on the market in accurate and informative way.

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$ 20-500 $ 501-1500 $ 1501-5000 $ 5001-50000 Period in days / Percentage of the trading account profits trader
Minimum amount:  $ 20
Minimum amount: 10 days
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Charges on workdays.
The return of the Deposit at maturity.

$ 20-500 $ 501-1500 $ 1501-5000 $ 5001-50000 Period in days / Percentage of the trading account profits trader
Minimum amount:  $ 20
Deposit term: 30 days
Deposit now

Charges on workdays.
The Deposit is included in payments.

Company’s mission

Lean structure established by the founding fathers of the company and subjugating all activity of the company is reflected in clear and sound division of responsibilities and in bringing together all team in order to achieve the most effective result of trading on the multi-currency market Forex. The management team of Forex Variation Limited developed a long-term policy for the development of the company for that our mission focused on really important moments for our investment program and for our team. And in this policy the development of our main business-activities and interactive engagement with partners and counterparts around the world are the cornerstones. Our aim is mandatory leadership in the industry and we know how to reach it in the very near future. And it is also a part of our mission. Being properly developed and professionally organized company where automated trading technologies of the last generation are intermixed with long experience of our highly qualified traders for trading operations, we see our mission to provide opportunities for investors to use our powerful trading potential and thus to collaborate at all levels of commercial partnership.

Another point which is certainly the mission of the company is mainstreaming of the company activity across a global network of interaction between all international commercial structures on which continued successful and predictable development of the world trade industry depends. Particularly, the mission of the company is to be fully in line with the international requirements of stock standards and as a result – to be a reliable partner to conduct any ambitious transactions. We fully comply with the international standards of Forex-operator and we have not only the possibility to realize you skills on the Forex market, but to use your experience, knowledge and technologies in other, no less than profitable trading areas. Consolidations of gains and skills are very important parts of our global mission that will be a link between opportunities provided by free on-line market of trading and people who are seeking the world of investments and to make profits on investment. We are dealing with that mission in the best way possible we know and understand needs of our clients better than anyone with viewing all vectors of mutual cooperation through the lens of affection, integrity and professionalism.

Most important aspect which fully reflects intentions of the company and demonstrates primary mission of Forex Variation Limited is our will to increase a range of our business-interests covering as much of trade technology sector as possible with a stable growing capital turnover of the company. It is our mission from the point of view of commercial outlook for cooperation. Benefits that cannot be ignored when choose own Forex-partner by any potential investor from anywhere in the world are penetration of new trading markets, development and maintenance of trading of new technologies to the normal mode, and capacity development of the company. We have a gust of needs of clients and we introduce technologies rapidly and these technologies improve the process of interactive engagement by bringing the trading processes to full reflection from the point of view of reliability of transactions. Transparency of company’s activity provides the foundation which allows to act successfully and confidently in making money, to move towards the goal and to carry out the mission for people who is not indifferent to on-line investment based on mutual understanding, confidence and dead certainty in long-term and profitable cooperation.

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